Welcome to the NMUN Delegation of the foundation of german business

Delegation 2020

Welcome to the sdw NMUN delegation!

National Model United Nations (NMUN) is the world's largest and most renowned simulation of the United Nations (UN). For the first time, NMUN was held 1946 as the successor of the Model League of Nations and took place ever since annually in New York City. Since 2004, the student support organisation of the Foundation of German Business, the Klaus Murmann Student Support Association, has been sending its own NMUN delegation every year: In this way, tomorrow's decision-makers should share their ideas and visions with today's decision-makers.
In March and April 2020, this NMUN delegation will respectively consist of 26 and 21 current scholarship holders of the Klaus Murmann Association and will represent a member state of the UN in New York on each conference.

The purpose of this website is to inform you about the NMUN delegation of sdw 2020 and the corresponding funding opportunities for this project.

What is NMUN?

Delegation 2020
NMUN stands for National Model United Nations and is the world-wide greatest and most renowned simulation of the United Nations. Following the Model League of Nation, which was founded in 1923, the conference was held the first time in 1946. Annually, the conference takes place at the UN headquaters in New York during the Holy Week. For five conference days, over 5.000 students from all over the world participate as members of a delegation. Thereby, each delegation represents a UN member state. The objective of the project is to make the work of the UN more transparent. Further, students learn to understand important economic, political and diplomatic aspects from the viewpoint of a UN member state.
How does NMUN work? As part of the UN General Assembly, the Security Council or several subcommittees, the participants represent their assigned country. For the dabate in each conference, the organisators of the National Collegiate Conference Association (NCCA) provide various topics, which are equivalent to the agenda of the UN, like humanitarian intervention, child soldiers, HIV/ AIDS, or international terrorism.
Throughout the project, the delegates deal actively with the mode of operation and procedure of the United Nations and analyze complex international relations. Similar to real delecates, the participants formulate and adopt resolutions and reports. Additionally, the "temporary diplomats" get the opportunity to contact their real pendants.

Our countries


Delegation 2020
The Republic of Colombia was named after the explorer Christopher Columbus although he never actually visited the fourth largest country in South America. Being one of the continent’s most populous nations, the country has substantial oil reserves and is a major producer of gold, silver, emeralds, platinum and coal. In addition to the diversity of Colombian culture, which reflects the indigenous Indian, Spanish and African origins of its people, Colombia also stands out because of its biodiversity. There is no other country in the world with a higher amount of species per area. A relatively long phase of political stability and continuous economic growth culminated in 2016 in a historical peace treaty between the Republic of Colombia and the FARC Rebels ending 4 decades of war and terror. Currently, in addition to the enormous challenge of keeping peace and closing the large social gap in the country, Colombia is facing a large migration movement from its conflict-ridden neighbour Venezuela.
We are very happy to take up the exciting challenge of representing this fascinating and diverse country at this year’s conference A with our delegation.


Delegation 2020
The Republic of Tunisia emerged from the 2011 Arab spring as a democracy, the youngest one in the world – a secular, modern country bordering the Mediterranean Sea. It is an elected member of the UN Security Council and actively involved in stabilizing the region through diplomatic means. Tunisia’s foreign policy is influenced by strong economic and historic ties with Europe, specifically France, on the one hand and the strong cultural affiliation with the Arabic league on the other. Given the ongoing crisis in its neighbouring country Libya as well as Tunisia’s status as a transit country for many sub-Saharan refugees on their journey to Europe, it plays a key role for regional stability. .
We are very happy to take up the exciting challenge of representing this young and diverse country at this year's conference B with our delegation

Our preparation

About the sdw

Delegation 2020
The Foundation of German Business (sdw) is one of the thirteen student funding organizations supported by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. It is not attributed to any denomination or party, but founded on the initiative of the German employers' associations with the aim of promoting young people of all disciplines and types of higher education who are socially committed and particularly willing to perform. In addition to material support, the sdw offers an idealistic support program to encourage scholarship holders in their development into socially responsible individuals by imparting knowledge and skills. Thereby, sdw was successfully represented at the NMUN in New York in the past fourteen years. Scholarship holders are thus offered the opportunity to gain negotiating experience on an international level, to deal with current topics of international politics and, together with committed students from all over the world, to gain insights into the working methods of the United Nations.


Thanks to our supporters!

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The intensive preparation, organisation, financing and implementation of our participation in NMUN is solely in our hands. We would therefore be very pleased to be able to win your company as a supporter for our delegation.
With your support, you will make a decisive contribution to fulfilling sdw's overriding goals, such as the promotion of interdisciplinary thinking and working, the development of a sense of responsibility as well as the intensive examination of current socio-political issues. At the same time, a commitment also offers you the opportunity to come into contact with the Foundation's high-performing scholarship holders and to cooperate with Germany's sixth-largest network of scholarship holders. In addition, we offer the naming of your company on our homepage, product placements in documentary films and the provision of all image and video material for your public relations work after consultation with the scholarship holders.

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